Monday, 3 April 2017

Hidden Prague #1 - Vojanovy Sady

As spring finally arrives in Prague, I thought I'd share some of my favourite places in the city that are hidden in plain sight.

First up is Vojanovy Sady, a lovely little walled park in Mala Strana. You can find it on the map here, but it's easy enough to locate. Cross over the river using Manesuv Most, take the first turning on the left and cross the street. Walk past the big iron gates for the Restaurant Vojanuv Dvur, and the entrance to the gardens is about one hundred metres further on.

The 2.5 hectare garden dates back to 1248. It's now part of the Ministry of Finance estate and was opened to the public in 1954 after some years of decay and neglect.

Given the proximity of the Charles Bridge and the main street leading up to the castle, these gardens are a little sea of tranquility and the loudest noise you'll hear will be that of the peacocks squawking as they strut around the park looking for snacks.

There are a few little oddities hidden away as you can see in the photos. Unfortunately I never managed to take a picture of the lady in the lake - I assume it's a lady because only her legs usually stick out of the pond - and the last couple of times I've been in, she's been missing.

So, if you're looking for a little place of (relative) solitude - take your lunch with you and settle down for a brief while. You'll not be disappointed!

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